Issue when calling GFS API

  • Last Post 31 December 2018
surendra posted this 24 December 2018

We have an issue when calling GFS API. We did and investigation in the following environment (RAID UAT) and the information are as follows,

In the following file - gfs-checkout/gfs-checkout-widget/gfs-checkout-widget.html line 1513, there is a function call queryServer: function (token, data). When shipping options load it doesn't return values for data. When that function calls it get a value like "W10=". Because of this the functionality break from that point and not proceeding after that. In the code base there is a console.log is available inside this function. We also fond that this is not working at all in HTTPS but working on HTTP sometimes. Could you please help us to understand this issue?

You can recreate this in the above environment - if you do an inspect through chrome you can see this error coming. Let me know if you need any further access on to the environment.



Simon Wilson posted this 31 December 2018

Hi Surendra,

I have taken a look at the site and i can see an issue right away where the fields (city and postcode) are not mapped into GFS Checkout when you build the package, This is potentially why the request is failing to return any data.

I have checked on our demo store aswell and the issue in reference to "W10=" i cannot see this happening and the data i am seeing has quite a few "=" in it and we are not experiencing the same issues.

Please map this data accordingly and let me know if this is still happening.