Integration with Jira REST without httpS

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LarryBoyd posted this 2 weeks ago


I cannot find the reason why in TestLink integration for Jira REST is supposed work only with lib/issuetrackerintegration/jirarestInterface.class.phpis said clearly: CRITIC - WITH HTTP getIssue() DOES NOT WORKbut why this should not work ?I am with TL 1.9.13 and Jira 6.2.6 inhouse without httpSconnection then getIssue works fine with most jira users except the one user I am supposed to use in production (the dedicated jira user for testlink).Also all works fine in soap, even with this jira user that have problem when connect jira/rest.So I was asking why this was said because I haven't find clear references on this topic.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


Blockchain Use Case





Simon.Wilson posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Larry, Can you confirm what you are trying to do here and if this is in reference to GFS software or soe thing else?