We have provided a summary below of the changes which have been implementetd in the latest version of checkout (V8).


Added method 'GetCheckoutOrder'

   This is a rename of ProcessCheckoutOrder


Added method 'CheckoutServiceAvailability'

   This is a service to check if there is an available delivery service for an order


Added 'DroppointSettings' object and removed 'CarrierRadiusDetails'

   This is all managed in the Configuration Portal now.


Postcode under locationDTO was made optional

   This is for some international location support, which don’t require postocde


Added DroppointDays node

   Drop point opening days can now be passed as days of the week, rather than dates, if required.


Droppoint collection slots only expose the time now instead of the full datetime 

Added deliveryOptionID that will be used to select a service on closecheckout

It is mandatory to call CloseCheckout for completed orders, the GetCheckoutOrder request now doesn’t return the carrier/carrier service, but a deliveryOptionID which must be passed in the close call to expose the carrier/service chosen

You must also pass the SelectedDropPoint data (the store id and provider id), and Selected Delivery Option ID

e.g. in the CloseCheckout call, note you can also see the deliveryOptionID being returned in the example further down the page.










We do recommend that you update to this version within your integration, for the latest documentation please visit our documentation page listed here If you have any isssues or questions regarding this please feel free to post on the forum with the query.